The Iconography and Beautification Committee was formed over 30 years ago, with the mission to examine and supervise the acquisitions and renovations of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral while maintaining the architectural integrity, interior authenticity, and spiritual domain of our religion. The committee researches and interviews professionals with the knowledge, education, and skills to execute the designs and renovation of the Cathedral in an authentic Byzantine style.

The Iconography and Beautification Committee assumes the responsibility, along with the presiding priest, to maintain our commitment to acquiring the services of master tradesmen, designers, artisans and iconographers that respect and honor the dogma and style of Eastern Orthodoxy. We have been fortunate in acquiring the professional assistance of Reta St. Clair Associates, who has provided an objective eye with color selections, textures and lighting to faithfully interpret the preferred Byzantine style and respect the integrity of the Cathedral’s architecture.

The icon of the Theotokos adorning the wall above the altar was one of the first major projects assumed by the Iconography and Beautification Committee setting a precedent for the use of Byzantine Iconography to replace previous painted images in the Cathedral.

As one of the earliest projects we were asked to replace the original icons on the lower altar screen which involved researching iconographers, themes and original donors who always have the option of sponsoring renovations and replacements.

The Cathedral is the home of many one of a kind artifacts that would be irreplaceable further enhancing the uniqueness of its interior. Existing functional objects need routine maintenance, restoration or replacement. The committee along with the Building Committee assumes the responsibility to clean and/or restore existing features of the Cathedral as in the stained glass windows. Donors are often sought after for this purpose under the supervision of our committee. Though the acquisition of specific religious objects used in the sacraments is the exclusive choice of our priest, the Iconography and Beautification Committee is asked to review choices and bids.

The chanter stand is an example of many of the objects custom made for the Cathedral. Its unique design was the result of several attempts to create a functional object that would not obstruct the view of the altar. The pulpit was also designed with an open view and compliments the Romanesque arches of the Cathedral’s interior design. The ceiling medallion over the chandelier is both a painted and relief surface and is representative of some of the larger projects supervised by our committee and often sponsored by the Annunciation’s Ladies Tea Guild.

The Bishops’ throne, as the altar table and the altar screen, have had a faux application to the original wood finish which better compliments the pulpit.

Though major renovations have been completed, the supervision of the Cathedral’s maintenance and decor is an ongoing task which the Iconography and Beautification Committee assumes with respected standards and loving care honoring those who have willingly donated to its beauty.

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The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation is a parish of the Metropolis of New Jersey of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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