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Both a youth and an adult Greek language class offer all aspects of modern Greek language, including reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary building with emphasis on conversation. Greek school meets during the academic school year on Fridays.

The curriculum is organized into several broad categories described below.This is to give you a general idea on the subjects that are taught.Each student should strive to master their grade’s objectives so that they can advance to the next grade.


  • Reading – In all grades, students will be required to be proficient in the reader for their specific grade.
  • Writing – In all grades, students will be required to be proficient in the writing for their specific grade.
  • Conversation – Conversation is taught in the following three basic levels. They are:
    • Level I Conversation: Memorize conversations with little variance in the question and answers.
    • Level II Conversation: Conversation in which the form or structure can be memorized, but can be answered several different ways. The conversation can usually be answered in one sentence.
    • Level III Conversation: Extended and more complex conversations that usually require more than one sentence to respond.
  • Grammar – In all grades, students are required to be proficient in the grammar that is structured for their grade.
  • Vocabulary – This section includes letters, sounds, spelling and definitions. All students are required to master the vocabulary level that is required for their grade.
  • Numbers/Time
  • Geography – Identify Greece on a map.Recognize the boarders of Greece and Europe.
  • History/Culture -Students will know family roots in Greece.Exposure to ancient Greek history as well reviewing major points in history.
  • Religion – Memorize the Lord’s Prayer and Memorize the Creed

Tuition and book fees: Please refer to the registration forms for more information regarding fees.

Supplies: Children will be notified by their incoming teacher of class requirements and supplies.

Dates/ Time: Greek School begins in early September and runs until the third Friday in May. Class begins promptly 5:15PM and lasts until 7:45 PM

Grade Levels: Grades are Prep through Sixth grade. It is preferred that a student starting Prep should have finished Kindergarten in “American” school. This allows the child to have a firm control on the English alphabet before introducing the Greek alphabet.

Contact: Renata Mavrogiorgos


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