The Ladies’ Tea Guild…A Brief History
(As written by Mrs. Peter Rois and Mrs. Alexander H. Pappas for the Community Herald, Volume 11, No. 3 February 1963)

“One snowy afternoon in January 1955, a group of women gathered and discussed the possibility of adding purpose to their lives as Orthodox Christians.  They felt that as women with an abundance of God’s Gifts, it was time for them to help return some of His Gifts to His House—our church.  In the midst of plenty…plenty to eat, plenty to wear, and sometimes plenty of leisure, it was right to direct their energy toward a purpose:  to help beautify His House.

The result?  The Ladies Tea Guild was formed.  Permission was granted by the Board of Trustees to the Guild to raise money in the name of the church, and three women were given the responsibility of coordinating its activities.

Since that day, many teas have been given, both in private homes and at the church.  The hostesses in each case have borne the entire expense, and every guest has donated $1.00.  These dollars have been used for our chosen projects.  None of the money collected at the teas has ever been used for expenses of any sort.  Only three withdrawals were for our three donations to the church.

The names of the generous hostesses have been recorded but are far too numerous to mention here.  The teas provided a pleasant social afternoon for all the women of our church, and in addition, the monies contributed made up a substantial portion of our donations.  This idea of benefit teas was so welcomed that even when they were unable to attend, most women sent their donations.

The Ladies’ Tea Guild includes all women of the community.  Therefore, every woman should feel free to entertain at any time, in the name of the church, as small or as large a group as she desires, either in her home or at the church.

The major event of the Tea Guild has been the annual fashion show.  Five very successful ones have been held and a committee is already working on the 1963 show.  In February 1962, a group of ladies were hostesses for a delicious luncheon and social afternoon.  On Thursday, March 7 another luncheon and social is being sponsored at the Church Hall.

The success of our endeavors can be measured by the three completed projects which the Ladies’ Tea Guild has undertaken.  We point with pride to the lovely, velvet cushions on our church pews, the comfortable and well decorated lounge, and the new teenage recreation room.  To every woman who has helped or contributed goes the credit….”

Note: The Ladies’ Tea Guild was renamed the Women’s Guild in 1979.  For over 55 years since its founding, this group has been steadfast in its mission to serve the Church.  The needs of our Cathedral are unending and through our efforts we hope to continue adding to the beautification of our beloved Cathedral community.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation is a parish of the Metropolis of New Jersey of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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