SCHEDULING OF SACRAMENTS—All sacraments are scheduled with Father Dean.

FORTY DAY BLESSINGS—Contact the Cathedral office two weeks prior to scheduling this service. These blessings take place immediately after the Diving Liturgy and families should plan to arrive at the Cathedral no later than 10:00 a.m. Ushers will have seating available for you and will direct you when it is time for the service.

SUNDAY SCHOOL—All youth are invited to participate in the Religious Education program of the Cathedral. Pews are reserved for students in the Cathedral during the Divine Liturgy. Following the reception of Holy Communion, students are escorted to their respective classrooms for the lesson. They are dismissed after the Divine Liturgy concludes.

MEMORIAL SERVICES—It is the family’s responsibility to contact the Cathedral two weeks prior to schedule a memorial service for your loved one. The tradition at the Cathedral is that all memorials other than the forty day observances are celebrated typically on the first Sunday of each month. Be mindful that conflicts do occur due to the ecclesiastical calendar of the Orthodox Curch. It is up to the family to distribute the koliva (boiled wheat) unless other arrangements have been made. Flowers and koliva should be at the Cathedral no later than 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Pews will be reserved in the center section of the Cathedral for immediate family members only on a first come basis. The custom at the Cathedral is to also visit the cemetery following services. Father Dean will visit the Greek Orthodox Cemetery on Windsor Mill Road first, then the other burial sites unless prior arrangements have been made. If flowers are ordered, it is the family’s responsibility to take them to the grave site.

DEATH—When a death occurs in the family, contact the funeral home of your choice and Father Dean. Arrangements for the funeral should be made in conjunction with the funeral home and Father Dean. Funerals are never permitted on Sunday, the day of the Resurrection of our Lord.

HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOME VISTS—It is the family’s responsibility to notify Father Dean when a visit is necessary. It is advised to contact him immediately by calling the Cathedral office at 410.727.1831. If it is a medical emergency and the office is closed, the emergency telephone number will be given. Due to legal obligations, Father Dean is not at liberty to offer information regarding parishoners.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation is a parish of the Metropolis of New Jersey of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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