What is the Stewardship Program?
The Stewardship Program is the primary means whereby the Church supports itself, sustains its numerous ministries, and assists those in need, both in the parish and in the wider community.  It relies on the goodness of God and the pure generosity of its members.

How Do I Become a Participating Steward?
Become a Steward by completing the pledge card.  After reading this page, please consider prayerfully and sincerely your commitment.  Keep in mind that your commitment obligation begins in January of each year. Pledge cards are mailed to each home in November of the preceding year.  They are also available on-line or you can call the cathedral office at 410.727.1831 to receive information.

What does the Stewardship Program Support?
It supports all of the day to day cathedral related functions including:

  1. Sacraments & Services
  2. Religious education
  3. Youth activities
  4. All publications & mailings
  5. Insurance and property tax payments
  6. Archdiocese assessment
  7. Salaries
  8. Professional services
  9. Maintenance, repairs & improvements
  10. Utilities
  11. Landscaping & ground maintenance

How Much Should I Pledge?
Our faithful rightly do not want to be told how much to give, but, everyone wants a guideline.  The Stewardship Pledge Card provides general guidelines.  In the end, you may give what you are able before God.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the clergy.

How Should I Pay My Financial Commitment to the Church?
We prefer that your commitment be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually at the beginning of the year. Monthly offerings are most preferred because it is easier to manage small, regular contributions, rather than large accumulated amounts as well as keeping a steady cash flow for the Cathedral to cover its monthly expenses. Payment may be made by cash, check, automatic checking account debit, or credit card.  For those who request, monthly envelopes will be given to you before January 1.

Am I Expected to Increase My Stewardship Commitment?
In making a decision, one should keep in mind that the expenses of the church are constantly increasing. It simply costs more to operate the Total Church. Therefore, the answer is yes. Consider what your increase should be.

What Are Some Other Financial Means of Contributing?
Reaching for our checkbooks may be the easiest and only way we know how to contribute to our Church, but did you know there may be a more advantageous way? There are a wide range of non-cash assets that can be donated, receive tax benefits, and leave a lasting legacy.

  1. Stocks
  2. Bonds
  3. Mutual Funds
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Bequests/Estate Planning

What if I Make a Commitment but Afterwards Suffer Sickness, Misfortunes, or Loss of Job?
Your commitment is in the strictest of confidence and is a promise to God, but is not a legal obligation. Should it become necessary, a parishioner may request to adjust his/her commitment until circumstances allow him/her to continue his/her original promise. Contact the cathedral office or the clergy.

Are Additional Donations Required for Baptisms and Weddings?
No. The only required donation is one’s commitment. Therefore, when someone who is not a committed steward seeks the services of the Church for a Baptism or Wedding, he/she will be asked to participate in the Stewardship Program.

How Much Does the Parish Need to Operate?
This changes from year to year.  To provide you with some perspective in 2008, 1001 stewards (individuals and families) contributed a total of $654,709. The average commitment was approximately $654.

In 2008, the parish operating expenses for the year totaled $1,095,921. Stewardship revenues supported approximately 60% of this total. To cover our expenses fully by stewardship each steward would need to commit an annual pledge of about $1000.

From What Other Sources Does the church Contemplate Raising Monies to Meet Its Budget?
Aside from the 60% generated by the Stewardship Program, additional financial assistance comes from:

  1. Greek Heritage Festival
  2. Various try collections
  3. Memoriums
  4. Miscellaneous donations
  5. Social Hall rental
  6. Investments
  7. AOC rental
  8. Cemetery sales

By increasing the percentage of Stewardship we would eliminate the variations of these fund-raising activities. May the Lord guide our parish to generate 100% from Stewardship Program.

In Addition to My Financial Commitment, How Else May I Help My Church?
Involvement!  This is the key to our community and faith.  We need you as we all grow in Gods love when you are a part of our community.  The Annunciation Cathedral community offers many areas of service and parishioners are most urgently asked to commit their talent and time especially. Only through involvement does the life of the Parish become more meaningful.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation is a parish of the Metropolis of New Jersey of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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